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Vectorworks Courses
Sketchup Courses
Computer Aided Design Training (CAD)
Vectorworks Combined Course:::4 days:::£500.00:::Max 5 Students:::Dates
A 4 day computer aided design course
that brings together the Elementary and Progressive courses.
You can book them so that they follow each other or do them separately.
There is an £80 reduction if you decide to go down this route.
Combining the two should give you the skills to complete both 2D and 3D
work  plus the confidence to explore the more complex aspects
of the program.
Confidence is the key!

Completing this course allows you access to Cadcured.
See bottom of page for details.
Sketchup is a very popular computer aided design 3D modelling program that is
easy to learn and quick to master. From the word go you are drawing in 3D
making it an ideal design tool as well as a program where finished rendered
models can be produced. It includes:
Quickly creating spaces and objects in 3D
Create your own components
Use of textures and creating your own
Introducing images into your model
Use of light and shadow
Adding dimensions
No experience required
A 2 day computer aided design course for absolute beginners. This will cover
all aspects of 2D drafting plus an introduction to certain 3D aspects
of the program.
It includes:
Setting up a drawing & saving templates
Printing options
Use of 2D tools
Creating walls, windows and doors
Using 2D symbols & creating your own 2D symbols
Introducing furniture and plants from the built in library
The advantages of using layers and classes
Adding dimensions  
SketchUp Course:::2days:::£290.00:::Max 5 students:::Dates
Vectorworks Elementary Course:::2days:::£290.00:::Max 5 Students:::Dates
A little experience required!
A 2 day computer aided design course designed to build up your 2D skills and
tackle more interesting aspects of 3D including textures, lighting,
perspective importing files and the effective use of viewports.
It includes:
2D revision
Setting up a perspective
Applying  and creating your own textures
Creating 3D symbols
How to create your own simple furniture
Lighting your scheme
Creating presentation sheets
Using image props (very useful for garden designers)
Creating viewports & sections
Cadcured?:::Online access:::Free to 4 day course students
Vectorworks Progressive Course:::2 days:::£290.00:::Max 5 Students:::Dates
Cadcurious Day:::1day:::£95.00:::Max 10 students:::Dates
Investing time and money into mastering computer aided design (CAD) programs
needs to be done with the confidence that they are the right ones for you.  
Dip a toe in the waterand try both Vectorworks and SketchUp.  
The merits of each and how they can complement each other will be
demonstrated and you will have a chance to try both.

The purpose of the day is to allow users to make an informed
decision on which programs suit their needs.
CAD training courses
Computer aided design training (CAD). Vectorworks and Sketchup courses are taught by Nick Williamson an experienced tutor who also works in the industry. Having taught for for several years  at various colleges throughout the UK he has now  put together  computer aided design courses that he feels are optimised to ensure that the student will successfully use the program professionally to the level they have attained on the courses. More importantly they will also have the confidence to explore aspects of the program that
they would otherwise avoid!